The most popular Spanish foods are Paella (rice preparation),meats like Iberian Ham (Cured ham) and Chorizo (Spicy sausage). But Spanish cuisine is lot more. Known for its health benefits and fresh ingredients, Spanish cuisine consists of several dishes that differ in taste and flavour, across various regions of Spain and the world. At Poco Loco, we have picked a small set of dishes that we thought are the most palatable in India.We intend to introduce more variations, from time to time, as the cuisine gains popularity

A centuries-old tradition in Spain,Tapas are a wide variety of appetisers that can be cold or warm.What started as a little custom of serving a small snack or a ‘tapa’, along with wine (in taverns in Spain),Tapas have today evolved into a whole cuisine of their own, globally. Patrons often order many different tapas and combine them to make a meal.